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Over the Rainbow Cake Pops

The month of June has finally and fabulously come to an end. This year, I started the month of June in a new country. I had an amazing time celebrating my fortieth birthday in Belize. Belize was relaxing, adventurous and full of incredible food. I then returned home and recreated my classic Black Power Brookies for Juneteenth to keep the party going.

Before I left for my birthday trip I was still celebrating on the mainland. I, of course, made my own 40th birthday cake for my photo shoot. (See my previous post.) Although I wanted to partake in a slice of my own cake. I decided to place my cake in my freezer for later, since I had some swimsuits to fit into. Not only did I decide to put my cake in the freezer, but I also had the idea to freeze the leftover cake pieces as well. I never agreed with the idea of wasted cake.

When I returned from my Belizean escapade, I unpacked my suitcase and some cake from my freezer. I came up with an idea on how to use the leftover cake while on vacation, so I was ready to get back to work when I returned. In celebration of Pride and Black Music Month I settled on the idea of colorful cake pops in artistic representation.

These Over the Rainbow Cake Pops were made with love and full of color. I added even more color by using our The Wizz Sprinkle Mix to decorate as well. We all deserve to celebrate love, respect and the colorful songs we each share in our hearts.

See my Over the Rainbow Cake Pops video and photos below.

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