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Happy 40th to me!

Another decade, another slay! I know the typical misconception is that women lie about their age. Well, surely not this one because I am elated to celebrate my 40th birthday today. I can honestly say that I am full of joy and truly blessed to be here for another momental season. As a little girl,I had other thoughts and ideas of where I would be at this age, but I wouldn't change a thing about where I am.

I am grateful for every twist, turn, hill, valley and path my life has taken me. I can say I'm excited to see what this new decade will bring. Every decade seems to get better, so why not enjoy a new one? My thirties brought me a new city, my first home purchase, new jobs and career opportunities. I have been able to travel to more than 30 countries in my thirties and do things I only dreamed of. Most importantly my 30s brought me a closer relationship with God, a closer relationship with my family, mental and physical health with growth, peace and a true understanding of happiness.

This year I will of course be celebrating this majestic celebration in a new country. My BFF, Meisje (who is also turning 40 this year) and I decided to travel to Belize for relaxation and jubilation. Before I left, I wanted to start and share my birthday with everyone who continues to support me and who happens to be reading this. I love each and every one of you.

No one knows how much time they are given on this earth, but each day should be considered a blessing. I am also blessing you with a little fashion and food for my birthday.

Check out the details below.

Cheers to 40. PEACE and LOVE.

Want to know who and how my 40th birthday cake was made?

I made my own birthday cake using Kaleidoscope Sprinkles Black Butterfly Sprinkle Mix! See details below.

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