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I can't believe we are two weeks away from Christmas! This year has been the SLOWEST of my life and yet fast approaching. I honestly could not tell you that I planned for what is now Kaleidoscope Sprinkles. This small business of mine has served as my passion and also my therapy during this unexpected year. Being busy surrounded by sprinkles is one of the reasons I have thrived during 2020.

I just wanted to take this opportunity as this year winds down to say thank you! Thank you to everyone who has supported this venture of mine. Whether it was purchasing sprinkles or just a simple encouraging word, it has truly meant the world to me! I wish I could reach out and hug every person reading this post right now.

Like the slogan says Kaleidoscope Sprinkles is here to serve not only sprinkles but SMILES. From the bottom of my heart I love each and every one of you. Have a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Holidays!

Music: Blessed New Year- Braxtons

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