Pumpkin Spice Beignets with Caramel Dipping Sauce

Original post from Blog: Travel, Medicine and Culinary Arts LLC.

Here we are in the middle of my favorite season! The days are definitely getting cooler and shorter. To my standards that means I need to be surrounded by pumpkin. From the windows to the walls I need pumpkin spice everywhere in the Fall. I don't feel there is a thing as too much pumpkin spice when it comes to baking during this season. I try to incorporate pumpkin in as many culinary concoctions as I can.

I was rummaging through my pantry and found some Café Du Monde beignet mix I still had in my possession from a Mardi Gras party earlier this year, pre COVID lockdown. I love this mix because every time I make these beignets, it transforms me back to the French Quarter where I first experienced all that Café Du Monde has to offer. After one bite of beignets, I also get the sense of being in Paris at a quaint little French bistro. What a fantastic way to mentally escape and travel the world.

I also obtained a large tub of pumpkin pie flavored hummus from Costco a few weeks back. Since I was moving at a glacial pace eating it all by itself, I thought the perfect way to use both of these ingredients is with a new recipe. I decided to combine both the pumpkin pie spread with pumpkin puree and stuff it inside some authentic beignets. Then I would top them off with cinnamon and powdered sugar for that beignet authenticity . Not only that, I decided that these fried masterpieces needed to be topped off with a caramel dipping sauce to add even more flare.

I must say that I was even impressed with results of these treats. I'm not a fan of pumpkin pie at all, but I would eat these Fall inspired beignets any day of the year. Check out my recipe and DIY video below.


(Make approximately 12 beignets)


2 cups Café Du Monde beignet mix

7 oz. of water


1/2 cup of Delighted By Pumpkin Hummus. (Buy some here)

1/2 cup of pumpkin puree

1 quart 1 liter vegetable oil for frying