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Positively Pink Number 8 Cake

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

This past weekend I had an opportunity to make a birthday cake for my friend's eight year old twin girls birthday. She requested a trendy number cake after seeing the cake I made for Kobe's birthday this year. She sent me a sample of a previous cake that she saw as inspiration. The cake was filled with subtle colors of pink and red. I have never been one to do anything subtle, so I amped up the saturation of colors. I knew this was going to be for eight years old girls. Who wouldn't want more pink? I even made a custom Sprinkle Mix filled with shades of pink bows, pearls and quins. The cake itself was a confetti sponge cake made from one of my secret recipes. The frosting was my light, fluffy and not too sweet Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

The birthday cake turned out quite well and was a huge hit! The girls didn't want to cut the cake initially as it was "too pretty." Since it was such a success, I decided to share a video of the creation of this positively pink birthday cake.

Music: Beautiful Chaos by Teedra Moses

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