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Happy Palm Sunday

I have always loved and appreciated this time of year. Palm Sunday for me represents the start of the unofficial Easter celebration. As a child I looked forward to all the early Easter egg hunts, candy and Easter baskets I could expect to start rolling in around this time. As I got older I truly understood the importance of this week outside of the commercialism.

Being born and raised in the church, this week serves as an important commemoration of the initial journey to resurrection. Palm Sunday taking place during the dawn of Spring also always reminds me of the significance new beginnings and growth. Seeing all the new flowers bloom and the new greenery serves as motivation to a fresh start.

After the past year we all had I thought that this season and holiday deserves its own remembrance. Under normal circumstances I would be attending Sunday service and awaiting my palm cross to be passed out. This year, I will once again be enjoying Palm Sunday from the comfort of my own home. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and bake some extra special cupcakes.

Check out my Palm Sunday Cupcakes below. I used my classic velvet cupcake recipe but instead of the traditional cream cheese frosting I decided to go with my conventional buttercream. (I'll devouring plenty of cream cheese frosting next Sunday with carrot cake.)

See my step by step cupcake decorating video below. I also listed all the equipment I used to create these beauties.


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