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Happy Kobe Day!

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

The eight month of this year is coming close to an end. This month has always been celebratory to me with my godson's birthday, the last full month of summer, Kobe's birthday and of course Kobe Day. I have always celebrated Kobe's birthday as he was my own family member, since I practically grew up with him. It wasn't until I moved to Los Angeles in 2014 that I came to truly appreciate Kobe Day. Last year of course was even more sentimental and also somber.

Last year I tried my best to celebrate the life and legend of Black Mamba in my own unique way. I unfortunately still held onto the heavy cloud of January 20th and grief over my shoulders. I made a fabulous letter cake and watched old VHS tapes and then soaked my pillow in tears of memories. It was definitely a day of mixed emotions.

This year I am in a much better headspace. I still think about the loss of such a great legend daily, but I have come to a place of peace. I know that one of Kobe's greatest legacies was his work ethic and his determination to succeed. I now use my grief from Kobe to fuel the fire of my own passions. I am thankful that Kaleidoscope Sprinkles has allowed me to channel sorrow into smiles.

For Kobe Day this year, I decided to celebrate low key with continued success and cakesicles. I didn't feel the need to do much this year because I have in my own way been celebrating daily with Mamba Mentality. The goal in life is to strive for your best every day and then hit reset. Kobe taught us that life is too short. In the 41 years he was on this earth he accomplished so much by his continued work effort. I pray I am able to do that in the life God allows me to see.

Check out my Kobe Day cakesicles and step and step videos below.

Check out our Black Mamba Sprinkle Mix here. It's the perfect way to celebrate Kobe Day!

Mamba Forever!

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