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From COSTCO to Kobe

Original Blog post from: Confections, Crafts and Couture.

Happy 8/24 or otherwise known as Kobe Day. Kobe Day, which was once considered a local Los Angeles holiday, has now blossomed into an international celebration. Well deserved as it is, Kobe Day is a day to recognize and remember my forever favorite, Kobe "Bean" Bryant. Kobe's birthday is actually on August 23rd, but today is recognized for Kobe's numbers and contribution to the world. I celebrate annually in my own way, whether with confections or anything of my choosing.

I knew that this month was going to be a busy one with my extended vacation to Barbados being the pinnacle of August. Before my Caribbean Crop Over carousel, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to create a Kobe cake before I left. In the previous years, I have celebrated with a humongous letter cake, cupcakes, cake pops and other things. I wanted to celebrate Mamba's birthday and Kobe Day again this year, but I didn't want something big that would waste away while I was away. Also, I didn't want to spend too much time with an ornate confection, since my time was so limited. I got an amazing idea to repurpose some store bought treats, but upgrade them to another level.

While putting together my monthly Costco delivery I came across some summer baked goods on sale. I quickly added these scrumptious Mini Lemon Cakes to my Instacart and got to brainstorming. This was the perfect time to recreate a quick cake for Kobe Day. I thought adding some fresh fruit to the mini cakes would elevate them, so I came across some purple blackberries to contrast the yellow lemon filling. Definitely on theme for Kobe Day. I got even more inspired from our summer sprinkle mix, Black Butterfly Sprinkle Mix. I made my own pretzel butterflies and added some pastels in honor of Gigi.

The mini Mamba cakes came out amazing and I am quite proud of the final product. I stuffed the cakes in the freezer while I was out of town. The cakes are now freshly defrosted and ready for consumption today.

I celebrate Kobe and Gigi every day with keeping Mamba Mentality alive, but today is extra special and even better with cake!

HAPPY MAMBA DAY!! See the complete details below.


Mini Lemon Cakes purchased from Costco

Homemade buttercream, get recipe here

Creative Snacks Co. Strawberry Yogurt pretzels

Candy Melts from Michaels store

Jordan Almonds from Sconza

Black Butterfly Sprinkle Mix from Kaleidoscope Sprinkles.

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