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RAspberry SPECuloos Tiramisu

During my latest visit to Paris, on my last day there I had several hours before my departure. I had already checked out of my hotel in the Opéra district and stored my luggage. I was free to continue to enjoy the city before I headed to the airport.

After breakfast and checking out, I decided to trek to Monmartre to burn off some calories and enjoy one of the best neighborhoods in the city. Monmartre has always been a favorite part of Paris for me because of its favorable views and cute stores. I walked around for hours, visited some vintage shops and even enjoyed getting caught in the rain.

On my way back to my hotel from my Monmartre visit I wanted to grab my last meal in Paris before my departure. I was craving something satisfying, but not necessarily French nor fancy. I hopped on Google Maps for 'restaurants near by my location' with great ratings. I just so happened to scroll upon Pére & Fish, which was within walking distance and highly rated. I browsed the menu and was sold after I saw a tasty looking fish sandwich. I quickly pulled up the directions for the restaurant and headed there with some pep in my step.

Once I arrived to Pére & Fish I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the restaurant was automated. I walked in and placed my order after browsing through an assortment of fish combos. I happily added dessert to my meal, a raspberry Speculoos tiramisu.

I can honestly say. I was even more pleasantly surprise by my meal. The food was superb for what would be considered "fast food". What really took my meal over the top was the tiramisu. The combination of raspberries with Biscoff was inventive and delightful. I loved the luscious dessert so much that I decided to recreate my own version once I arrived back home.

My Raspberry Speculoos Tiramisu is on another level and adult friendly. I added more flavor to my dessert by using raspberry liqueur and espresso soaked ladyfingers along with Biscoff cookies. Biscoff, which are spiced cookies actually originated in Belgium. Speculoos, which is Biscoff in cookie butter form, also originated in Belgium. This dessert is the perfect summary of my most recent UK trip by combining both French and Belgian flavors. This RAspberry SPECuloos Tiramisu is super easy to make and requires no baking. It's also a great recipe to get some RASPECT (respect) from friends and family for Friends/Thanksgiving. Add even more pizzazz to your Tiramisu by topping it with our Cognac Queen Sprinkle Mix.

Definitely give this recipe a try this season or anytime you're in the mood to experience a tempting treat!

See complete video and recipe below.

RAspberry SPECuloos Tiramisu/ (RASPECT) Tiramisu

Serves (8-12)


4.4oz (½ pack) Biscoff cookies, finely chopped

¼ cup (4oz.) Biscoff cookie butter (Speculoos), plus more for topping

8oz. mascarpone cheese, room temperature

10 oz. raspberry preserves, heated

16 oz. fresh raspberries

8oz heavy cream, chilled

8oz. confectioners sugar

1 tsp. (.20 oz) vanilla extract.

1 package (7oz). Italian ladyfingers

1 ½ cup (12oz/ 375ml.) old strong brewed coffee or espresso

½ cup (4 oz/ 125ml) raspberry liqueur, I used Chambord


Using a food processor or manually, chop Biscoff cookies until finely chopped, wet sand-like texture. Set aside

Using a hand or stand mixer, in a medium sized bowl whip together mascarpone cheese and Speculoos until fully combined. Whip for about 3-5 minutes until mixture is fluffy. Set aside.

Using a hand or stand mixer, in a large chilled bowl add heavy cream. Whip heavy cream on high for about 3-5 minutes until soft peaks have formed. Add confectioners sugar and vanilla extract to heavy cream. Continue to whip cream for another 3-5 minutes until stiff peaks have formed.

Using a spatula, add ¾ of whipped cream (save ¼ for top of tiramisu) to cheese/ Speculoos bowl. Carefully fold whipped cream into cheese mixture, trying not to knock out air from whipping cream. Once fully combined, keep chilled until ready to assemble the tiramisu.

Ready to assemble using trifle dish or individual serving cups. Place chopped Biscoff cookies on bottom of dish/es, save some chopped cookies for the topping. (The next layers are up to your preference). Spoon or pipe Speculoos cream evenly into the trifle dish. In a bowl, add coffee and raspberry liqueur. Dip ladyfingers into coffee mixture. Add to soaked ladyfingers to trifle dish. Safely heat up raspberry preserves slightly using stovetop or microwave. Add and spread half of raspberry preserves to trifle dish. Add half of raspberries on top. Repeat the steps until trifle dish is ¾ full or to serving size of your choice for individual servings.

Top tiramisu with remaining whipped cream, chopped Biscoff cookies, melted Speculoos, fresh raspberries and Sprinkle Mix.

Devour and Enjoy!

*For a kid friendly version of this recipe, you may substitute the raspberry liqueur with raspberry syrup or omit it all together.

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